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Residential & Commercial General Contracting
Renovations, Remodels, 
& Restorations

Project & Construction Management



Detroit Up provides General Contracting and Construction Management services for both Residential and Commercial. Our main focus is on the customer and to provide the highest level of satisfaction and personal attention on each project. We take a personal approach to each job and invest highly in the overall success of our projects and their surrounding communities. We feel strongly that immersing ourselves in the communities that we serve is integral in order to achieve our goal of uplifting and rejuvenating our great city.





For inquiries, customer service, partnerships, or questions, please call (248)-978-3251 or fill out the following form:

General Contact Information

1525 Broadway Detroit, MI 48226




Tel: 248-978-3251


Join Our Team

A position at Detroit Up means much more than the traditional definition of going to work. We have a deeply rooted passion for every aspect of our company, this shows itself in our day to day operations and projects. We are always looking for grounded, driven, talented, imaginative and critical thinking individuals who share our direction. If you are interested in joining our team at Detroit Up, Email your resume to:


For Quotes and Questions:

Meet the Team

Edward Davis

Born, raised, and a product of Detroit, Edward wants to use what he has learned over the years and apply it to rejuvenating and reuniting the city of Detroit. "Where most people see a lack of hope and opportunity, I see what can be implemented into our city which will ultimately make us grow and become prosperous."

Michael Firsten

From Metro Detroit, Michael has admired the authenticity of Detroit all of his life, and feels that building in the interest of the residents that he serves is the most important part of the rennasance of Detroit. "making sure that families who have lived in Detroit for generations have both a voice and an opportunity in the comeback of the city is the most important part of our work"

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